YK 85 Apartments and townhouses on 1st line Lake Como

  • 84 m2
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 1 bedrooms
  • heating


A landscape that can be seen from the Lezzeno coast is unique in its kind. It is overlooking Comacina Island, Leno olive groves, Cape Balbianello with a historic villa, and all the splendour of the lake, the mountains, the charming town of Bellagio.

A new and modern residential compound ready for dispatch in April 2013. It consists of 3 lots, for 19, 12, 10 families and a separate villa respectively. There are all necessary facilities thee, such as private beach, a garden, a swimming pool, a pier.

Only high quality materials and technologies were used in construction, such as glass was widely used, large windows and terraces, natural stone and some decorative elements. Heating system works on lake energy, thereby eliminating the use of any fuel. 

Lot 1 (for 19 families) 

4-floor building. Prices are from €270,000 for 60 sq.m. apartments including kitchen "VarennabyPoliform" up to €540,000 for 150 sq.m. apartments including "Poliform" furniture. All apartments have a garage, a terrace or a garden.


Lot 2 (for 12 families)

3-floor building. Prices are from €275,000 for 48 sq.m. apartments including kitchen "VarennabyPoliform" up to €885,000 for 89 sq.m. apartments including "Poliform" furniture. All apartments have a garage, a terrace or a garden.


Lot 3 (for 10 families)

3-floor townhouses. Prices are from €565,000 for 97 sq.m. townhouse including kitchen "VarennabyPoliform" up to €830,000 for 135 sq.m. townhouses including "Poliform" furniture. All townhouses have a garage, and a garden.



You may want to purchase a mooring place worth from €20,000 up to €35,000. 

Характеристики недвижимости
Регион Italy. Lake Como
Город Lezzeno
Тип недвижимости flat/apartment
Жилая площадь (m²) 84 m2
Площадь участка (m²) 12 m2
Число спален 1
Число cанузлов 1
Ближайший аэропорт Milano Malpensa
Расстояние до аэропорта, км 30
Состояние new
Ландшафт lake/river
Отопление autonomous
Опции swimming pool, garden, balcony, terrace, sea/lake-view