About GrandMilanoStudio

The best property abroad especially for you!

Holding company Grand Milano Studio was founded due to close cooperation of 7 different sectors, such as real estate, advertaising, construction companies, designers studios, legal agencies, accountants and tourist services.

Grand Milano Studio unites well experienced experts from each sector. We don't try to replace everyone. We clearly understand each specialist can do his job better, so we simply have united them all in a team to provide the most qualified and the most complex services.

Coming to us you no longer have to think how to solve a particular problem in a foreign country. There definately will be someone in our team of experts to help you solve your problem.

Our united team provides global consulting service to private clients and companies. We are able to guarantee personal assistance to every client on every stage of a transaction and after-sales services. We can offer legal, tax and administrative support.

We are getting the best results not only because of the advertaising in Internet, but also due to our collaboration with the most famous Russian companies, which make a huge job with customers on the spot. The comission we offer is not bigger than in any Italian real estate company, no matter whether you refer to us directly or contact our partners in Russia or CIS countries.  

We don't work in term of competition, we work in term of cooperation and we do see how this or that company may be useful to provide the most complete services to our clients.